Terms & Conditions

Travelez provides you with the best services and the top products. We aim to constantly overtake your hopes so that while you are booking with travelez, you can feel convinced you're with the ideal team there is. This segment aims to carry major points to your consideration.

What to carry with you while you traveling?

Please make sure you have your reservation confirmation coupon/ and or booking referential from while you travel. This will determine you as a Travelez customer and facilitate the servicing supplier to confirm your booking. Where you have reserved a car parking lot that needs you to use the credit card entrance and departure process kindly assure you obtain with you the credit card with which you reserved.

Our Price Check Guarantee

At Travelez, we pride ourselves on offering the cheapest and low price available cost for assured car parking at all UK Major airports. We compare the prices daily to find our customers the best accessible deals.

The Promise

If you feel you have discovered an agreement for a similar car park product for cheaper, we need to hear, so please get in contact, but recall that the product you are comparing has to be identical in all regards! In the doubtful incident that you do discover similar Airport Parking services for a cheaper rate under 24hours of making a reservation with us, tell us and we will pair the cost or repayment the difference. We will also offer you a 15% discount on your next reservation (*subject to the subsequent terms and conditions).

  1. The price check pledge is only utilized for airport parking services.
  2. The service that you are comparing must be accurately the same as the one acquired from Travelez.
  3. You need to make your demand within 24 hours of manufacturing and payment for your booking with Travelez.
  4. Successful allegations will not be paid unless later the returning date is originally reserved.
  5. Elimination of the booking revokes your right to demand under this promise.

The subsequent exception utilizes price comparisons that will be regarded as part of any argument made under the Price Check Guarantee.

  1. Prices from other providers that are qualified on purchasing other services.
  2. Prices that are elements of a customer fidelity, officers, or fidelity bonus scheme.
  3. Prices that are elements of a team discount scheme 4. Prices that are part of any other discount offer or special offer deal.

Remember:In making your reservation you have adopted to be linked by the Terms and Conditions of Bookings for Travelez. All of the car parking services offered by Travelez are premised on-site unless otherwise declared. Travelez will not be held liable for any claims for repayment premised on any client’s claims that this data is not easily accessible on the site, as it is declared across the site and under the declared terms and conditions.

  1. Booking Conditions

    • Travelez is a company for prominent car parks. You will be contracting with the personal car park and will be submitted to their Terms and Conditions which might include exception clauses and restrictions for each company obligation. The entire information of these is accessible from the specific car park.
    • The car parks will admit responsibility for the confirmed action of their overlook. The allegation cannot be regarded once your car has left the spot (Meet and Greet) or terminal (Park and Ride) so kindly check your car cautiously before departure.
    • Tarvelez can't allow obligation in any conditions where achievement of the agreement is avoided because of the Remembered, the danger of war, riots, civil clash, terror activities, business disputes, natural and atomic accident, firing or negative weather atmospheric condition, etc.
  2. Car Parking Terms and Conditions

    • Directions and Car Parking Procedure

      Park and Ride Parking Services: Make sure you have directions to your vehicle park, your reservation referee., the vehicle park phone number, and information on the entrance and departure process for the vehicle park. That’s all accessible on your booking coupon. It is your responsibility to get valid directions earlier for the car parking-- any missing bookings, flights or other troubling results resulting from the customer's weakness to gain valid directions will not be compensated by Travelez or any of our affiliates.

      Meet and Greet Parking Services: Make sure you have the driver’s contact number, and details of the arrival process as declared on your booking coupon. It is your duty to gain this information before departing for the airport - any missing bookings, flights, or other worries arising from the customer's lack of finding these details will not be unrewarded by Tarvelez or any of our affiliates.

      • Possessions and Keys: Remove all stuff and walk out only the keys/codes necessary to move your car. In the preference of effective functioning, you must be ready to walk out your vehicle keys with the vehicle parking team if demanded to do so until otherwise declared.
      • Procedures: If you are levied by the vehicle park since you do not pursue the proper entrance or departure process or offer your coupon, Travelez may not be capable of getting repayment for your sake.
      • Driver Bookings: Any data mistakes resultant in firm drivers being maintained, awaited or late arrivals by the customer may result in a £10 management charge, to be paid to the driver right away. make sure to check the MORE Information about the services for extra charges.
      • Moving and Shifting of Car: You need to assure that before leaving the car with the car parking company that it is in a serviceable situation, imposed and containing a current MOT if appropriate. The car park company hold the right to shift the car within or external the car parks by driven or else to such extent as the vehicle parking company, or its servants may in their judgment think required for the effective agreement of its car park facilities at the vehicle parks, or in emergencies or to escape mishaps or hindrance. Inflammation keys to the car must hence be leftover with the car at the moment of handing it to the driver. It will be required in the practice of the rights awarded from the car parking company under these terms and conditions, for the car parking company's driver to obtain the right to drive or else carry the car on the public motorway. The car parking companies’ drivers are completely assured by the companion for this intent.
    • Prices

      All Rates are for pre-booking and also cover VAT at the present price of 20% until otherwise suggested.

      • Price Changes: Travelez is promised to supply the highest standards and the top choice of services, at cheap prices, so across the season, we are constantly reviewing our products and rates. There are probably some seasonal peculiar discount offers and in some situations, the rate may go up.
      • All reservations are subject to a non-repayable reservation fee.

      • Daily Prices: Daily prices may differ corresponding to the date and duration of stay.
      • Surcharges: check the products or services MORE INFORMATION for any extra surcharges. These pressing charges are accused by the driver/car parking company separately and have no concern for Travelez or our announced prices.
      • Two-mode 24-hour transfers bus from the vehicle park to the airport: Included in the Travelez price.
      • Minimal stays: A minimum stay is utilized at some vehicle parks. Ought you want to stay for lower days you can, but the price of the minimal duration is to be paid.
      • High-sided or uncommonly wide vehicles: Neither all vehicle parks can integrate them or there may be an additional charge. make sure to check MORE INFORMATION on the services or contact our department for details earlier making a reservation.
      • Special Discount offers, coupons, and promotion codes couldn't be utilized in combination with other offers or codes until otherwise indicated.
  3. Advertising

    As a booking agency, Travelez advertises for multiple companies at any one airport, and as such publishes the best potential price for any granted stay across the year for that airport.

  4. Cancellation Policy

    If your reservation status is ‘'Meet and Greet' then your booking Couldn't BE Modified OR Cancelled. This is due to the terms and conditions fixed by the vehicle parking administrator.
    Remember that specific services can use their own customized elimination regulations. Details can be discovered in the service details and confirmation emails.
    The mention below cancellation guideline is not appropriate to non-cancellable or non-modifiable products:

    • ALL CANCELLATIONS MUST BE Undertaken Direct Via TRAVELEZ IN Ruling TO BE Legal. (Not with the car park).
    • The fastest and simpler way to revoke your reservation is online, via our Login area. You can log in, see, alter and revoke your booking topic to our terms and conditions.

    Please permit 3-10 working days for the repayment to arrive at your account, reliant on your card issuing.

    • Make Sure to only email us if your reservation is for under the next 7 days. Forward an email to bookings@parkingzone.co.uk to quote your reservation reference number. Cancellations can also be undertaken through the Login segment of the website. Remember that cancellation appeals can only be accepted within office hours and are topic to our announcement periods.
    • Any customer booking where they have not fulfilled on-screen reservation regulations (e.g. printed off their coupon etc.) and who have been unfit to park, will not be subject to repayment.

    No repayments are accessible for untouched part stays.

    • Repayment Notification Periods: Unless otherwise declared, or revocation cover is applying at the time of reservation, customers must give 72 hours’ notification to call off any bookings.

    For any exclusion to this notification period kindly refer to the Significant Details on your reservation affirmation.

    • Duplication Bookings - In the incident of a customer making a duplication booking for the identical stay/car and client and do not contact us under 28 days of their returning will suffer the full price of that reservation.

    For every effort being undertaken to secure customers' obtaining the details relating to their reservation. If for any reason a customer fails to use the reserved space and sufficient notice is not granted (72 hours) will tragically obtain no refund.

    • CANCELLATION COVER (Not appropriate to non-cancellable or non-modifiable products)
      • Should a customer wish to revoke they need to do so at least 24 hours advance to their exit date in order to be qualified, those who call off after this moment will be subject to our standard conditions listed above.
      • Cancellation Cover does not use for bookings made on a similar day, reserved for the subsequent day, or in specific services were declared.
    • SMS Confirmation: Customers who take benefit of this service and accept their affirmation by mobile, in adding to their print coupon, make sure that their mobile is consistent with this servicing. The service itself is non-repayable.
    • Credits: On selecting to cancel a reservation via the Tarvelez website, a customer will have the choice to choose a Credit or a Repay. Once the option has opted this cannot be altered once the elimination has been confirmed. If the choice of taking credit has opted, then the credit will be valid for 18 months from the period of revocation and can then be utilized versus a forthcoming booking. It can be utilized regarding any of the car parking companies and at any of the airports quoted on our website
  5. Amendment Policy

    Any time and/or services amendments undertaken to a reservation with more than 24hours notification will suffer a modification charge. To modify your reservation please use the contact us an application or contact our department within office hours.


    We demand customers to be assured they come to the car park with an abundance of time to attain their flight check-in.


    • If you face a problem at your selected vehicle park, please notify the service operator instantly to give them the possibility to fix the problem.
    • If you do not inform the operator at the time it may be hard to carry on a grievance at a subsequent stage. Our service providers will do their highest to help with any given appeal, even so, support cannot be ensured.
    • Make sure to put any remarkable issue in writing within 10 days of your returning date, including as much detail as potential, using the information given. If you are unfit to use the form please compose to the subsequent address: - Unit 9105 141 Access House, Morden Road, Mitcham, Surrey, England, CR4 4DG or e-mail bookings@parkingzone.co.uk

    You should wait to get a reply within 10 working days over the reception of your grievance. You will be briefed of any delay and the reason for it, should one occur.


    The total liability for Travelez to the customer for all allegations resulting from the use of this website and stuff is restricted to the cost of the customer booking including both car park and reservation fees paid to travelez.co.uk as per the contract.


    Cancellations are a matter of the contracting terms in agreement upon these Terms & Conditions.


    Travelez may at any time change these Terms and Conditions and your continued use of this website including phone bookings will be conditional upon the Terms and Conditions in enforcement at the time of your use.

  11. EMAIL

    As a precious customer we, or the representative with whom you reserved your car parking, may contact you with discount offers we feel you may be interested in. You can elect out of received these emails by contacting bookings@parkingzone.co.uk
    If you have any further inquiries over a reservation you have made email bookings@parkingzone.co.uk. This does not impact your regulatory rights as a customer.


    Travelez has and is searching to join forces with other vacation-related agencies to provide customers more when they voyage. Customers will be able to purchase products and services provided by these third parties through our website. Remember that Travelez purely acts as hosting for these services and any issuing relating to those outside products/services are matter to the operator and hold terms and conditions.

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    • Airport Lounges- Provided by Travelez

    Our website may contain hypertext links to websites functioned by third parties. Travelez does not control such websites and will not be liable for their satisfaction or for any violation of contracting or any wilful or careless activity on the part of such third parties, which result in any losing, harm, delaying, or hurt to you or your partner. Travelez is not liable for the precision of opinions articulated in such websites, and such websites are not examined, controlled, or checked for precision or fullness by Travelez. Integration of any connected website on our spot does not involve or compose endorsement or approval of the linked website by Travelez. If you determine to depart our website to obtain these third-party sites, you do so at your own risk. All regulations, policies (including privacy policies), and operational procedures of websites functioned by third parties will be utilized by you on such sites. Travelez is not liable for details provided by you to third parties.


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