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Travelez provides you with the cheapest airport parking options at Southend Airport. Travelez is the most popular booking agent for airport parking. We provide cheap Meet and Greet Park and Ride, and Onsite parking options at Southend airport. Travelez makes your trip as hassle-free and simpler as you want. Book your parking lot at Southend Airport and eliminate the hassles out of your tour. We provide the most beneficial parking that suits your needs and whilst saving you up to 60% off on other booking agents. We provide you with a low price list of all types of airport parking at Southend Airport. Book your car park at Southend Airport with travelez and give huge benefits on money-saving.

Types of Airport Parking

Travelez has designed a website where you can search and compare different prices. If you are looking for the best and cheapest deals on parking in the UK, then this is the best website. 

We have different options like 

  • Meet and Greet Parking
  • Park and Ride Parking
  • On-site  Parking 

Meet and Greet Parking

Every traveler wants to have a hassle-free journey. Where they don't have to worry about anything. Travelez can help you with that because we will help you find the right spot, and we have the best parking option. In this service, we will provide you with personal chauffeur services. All of our chauffeurs are well-trained and well organized, they know how to do their duty and deliver the best results to our customers. If you have extra luggage, the driver will also help you with that.  

Park and Ride

Let's say you don't want to give your car and keys to anybody, then this is the best service for you and also for the people who are looking for cheap Southend airport parking. You do not need to hand over your car to anyone, you just need to book and park your car by yourself. Use our shuttle service to reach the airport, which is hardly 10 mins away. 

On-site Parking 

On-site parking terminals are also an option, where you can park your car at the airport and then move to the terminal within seconds. You do not need to worry about your car because it will be protected by us. The day you come back to the airport, you will find your car at the terminal. 

Airport Valet Parking

This is one of the quick and effective solutions for people who come in large groups with a lot of luggage. If you choose our valet service, we assure you to help you check in quickly without any hassle and stress. This service is the same as meet and greet, if you book this you will be provided the same services as to meet and greet. Pre-book and save your time and money.

Airport Overview

An international airport in Essex, it is 42 miles away from the center of London. This airport has an intense history because it was established by the Royal Flying Corps during World War I. It had become a base for fighter squadrons in World War II. In the start, there were very few airports, and thus southern was the third-busiest airport, but eventually, the number of airports increased, and travelers got divided among them.

This airport always had an excellent record in weather and was always used as a diversion alternative by different airlines. In 2013-2015, it was voted as the “BEST AIRPORT IN BERLIN”.


If you get connected with the M25 then you have easy access to the airport by a car approaching from south and east of England. The postcode for the passengers using navigation for this airport is SS2 6YF

Facilities at Southend Airport

There are the following facilities provided in the Southend airport are as follows:


We have high-security monitors. If you have lost anything then we can help you find them because we have security cameras at the airport. Security guards are present at every gate and everyone will be checked by monitors. 


You will find different hotels and restaurants at the airport. We have dine-in and takeaway options. All the dine-ins are very comfortable. You can try different foods and explore new tastes. 

Spa and Parlour

You can relax in our spa and parlors. Just book yourself there and enjoy an amazing experience before your flight. 

Other Facilities Southend Airport

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Special rooms for prayers
  • Different food options
  • Lounges
  • Play Area
  • First-Aid options
  • Bathrooms and Shower options
  • Charging of Phones and Tablets
  • Spa and Parlor
  • Expert drive service 
  • Facilities for Disabled
  • Restaurants and Fast food 
  • Special rooms for Meetings
  • Cafe
  • Areas for Smoking
  • Lost and Found Luggage 

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